By | 09/08/2022

Cintas ESG Fact Sheet - 2022

For nearly 100 years, Cintas’ business model has been based on sustainable practices and a “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mindset. In September 2021, they announced their ambition to achieve Net Zero GHG emissions by 2050. While their Net Zero ambition is going to take time, attention, resources, and dedication, Cintas is committed to creating more sustainable ways to help customers get Ready for the Workday®.

Recent sustainability highlights include:

  • Lowered total energy use by 9%
  • Lessened electricity usage by 8%
  • Reduced water use by 1%
  • Returned 88% of the water to local water bodies
  • Eliminated 8% of GHG emissions
  • Diverted 4% of their distribution center waste from landfills
  • Swapped out 27,000 light fixtures with LED bulbs
  • Invested in a new electric vehicle pilot program
  • Rolled out new route-mapping software to help reduce miles driven, gas usage and idle time
  • Created a new executive position to oversee our ESG strategy

Click here to learn more about Cintas’ commitment to being Net Zero GHG by 2050 and all the sustainable garments and laundering processes they have in place now to support their mission.

For more information, contact the Cintas National Service Team at 800.795.7368 or email

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