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Cintas Parts Cleaner

Cintas SafeWasher features:

  • Save money and help the environment
  • Non-hazardous cleaning solution
  • No upfront investment in equipment or fluid
  • Easily movable machine


How the service works:

  • Cintas will set up and provide training for the SafeWasher
  • Recurring service visits are scheduled to confirm SafeWasher is performing as intended

For additional information, contact your local AAA/CAA club representative or Cintas national service team: (800) 795-7368,


About Cintas

Be READYâ„¢ for the dirtiest jobs

The Cintas SafeWasherâ„¢, a mobile automotive parts washer system, uses a non-hazardous, water-based degreasing solution that gives you the powerful cleaning performance of solvents without any hazardous by-products through the process of bioremediation. This process can turn certain harmful contaminants into non-toxic substances. The bioremediation process reduces liquid hazardous waste streams and reduces the release of harmful pollutants while washing parts.

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Cintas National Service Team
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