By | 02/25/2022

Network of Savings Preferred Supplier, Cintas, offers a Total Clean program that promotes cleaner, safer environments. The Total Clean program includes three key facets: inventory and scheduled delivery of essential cleaning supplies, hygienically clean laundering, and on site cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services.

Essential Cleaning Supplies

Cintas’ strong supply chain supply chain, helps businesses procure the products they need, and stay prepared with routine weekly delivery of the most in-demand essential hygiene supplies, cleaning tools and cleaning chemicals.

Hygienically Clean Laundering

Businesses can help protect their employees with Cintas Hygienically Clean Laundering that uses an industrial wash processes with higher washing and drying temperatures, stronger mechanical action, and unique wash formulas, all designed to destroy microorganisms that live on textiles, including fabric masks and uniforms.

On-Site Ultraclean Services

On-site services clean and/or apply sanitizer or disinfectant to help eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses with a process that conventional tools and in-house staff cannot achieve.

Each of these three services from Cintas can be used together or separately. Current Cintas customers who would like to add services can contact their route Driver. Customers interested in starting service with Cintas can Contact the Cintas National Service Team at (800) 795-7368 or

AAA service providers should reach out to the Cintas National Service Team and mention their AAA affiliation at or 800.795.7368 if interested in adding any of these services to their current program, or starting service with Cintas.

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