CARFAX, Inc. – a leader in providing trusted vehicle history information, provides AAA members the opportunity to purchase a comprehensive "background check" to learn all the facts that have been reported to CARFAX about a used vehicle. Clubs that choose to offer this fee-based CARFAX service will receive a percentage of the revenue generated from member usage. Marketing support as well as club publication articles are available to help clubs promote this member benefit.

Make purchasing easy for your members! Best practices have shown that multiple links to the CARFAX sales page will result in increased sales, commissions and leads to other car buying related services! CARFAX protects members and has great consumer awareness-- so sign up to offer this benefit to your members today!


Getting a vehicle history report is easy for members!
The vehicle history report service provided by CARFAX via and is conducted entirely online. To take advantage of it, a member simply logs into their or account and accesses the CARFAX link, inputs the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a car he or she is interested in purchasing. The submitted VIN is checked against the CARFAX database of more than 22 billion vehicle records, including title and registration activity, rental and lease usage, odometer readings from inspection stations, insurance companies, auto auctions, and other sources. Once purchased, AAA members will be able to view the full CARFAX report that includes all of the data that is pointed out below.

  • Accident and Damage Information
  • Vehicle Use (taxi, rental, personal lease, etc.)
  • Branded Title Information
  • VIN-Specific Open Recall Information
  • Number of Owners
  • Last Reported Odometer Reading
  • Service Record Information (Oil changes, tire rotations, brake pad replacement, etc)

CARFAX Vehicle Research Page

CARFAX Vehicle Maintanence Portal (myCARFAX)

CARFAX Recall Check

CARFAX Sample Reports

CARFAX Open Recall Press Release (2019)

CARFAX “About” Page

For more information about enrollment, please email Paul Jurado, AAA Program Manager, at or call (407) 444-8449

Member Pricing / Club Commission Options/ Enrollment
There is no cost for clubs to place the CARFAX vehicle history link on their site. As far as pricing the service for members, clubs have several options. The club commission chart outlines the selection of commission scenarios available to clubs. Keep in mind that this information is CONFIDENTIAL. Non-members will pay the standard fee for the CARFAX service.

This program allows for the potential of cross-selling insurance and loans, as well as additional revenue when members use Auto-Buying programs, like Rollick and TrueCar

To enroll, please review the club commission chart to determine the club's preferred discount percentage/commission. Contact Paul Jurado, AAA Program Manager, to arrange an implementation call with CARFAX and schedule implementation of the program on the club site.

MARKETING SUPPORT - Ideas to help clubs promote CARFAX vehicle history report services.
AAA clubs have a great resource for generating revenue and offering valuable content to members that will keep your site "sticky." Millions of consumers use CARFAX every year, and AAA members get a great discount when they purchase through Here are a few Best Practices that participating clubs have made to drastically improve visibility of this product and revenue from CARFAX.

  1. Include a “Vehicle History” section in the used car buying or research section of your clubs site and add the link that CARFAX has been provided to you to promote this feature to your members
  2. Add CARFAX to the “Drop Down” widget under the “Automotive” and “Member Discount” sections for easy accessibility to the offer (see illustration below)
  3. Add an automotive tips area and include one of the articles (section above) with hyperlinks to clubs CARFAX content.
  4. Include a short paragraph describing the CARFAX benefits on your home page.

CARFAX helps millions of consumers shop, buy, and own used cars with more confidence. Next to buying a home, purchasing a vehicle is the second biggest transaction that consumers make. Each used vehicle has its own unique history so by providing the information upfront, consumers are able to make better decisions to not only find the right car, but to also find a safe one. CARFAX has collected over 22 billion vehicle history records from over 110 thousand different sources to ensure that consumers are presented the most information as possible to help them make a well informed decision.

According to CARFAX, Inc., nearly one in every 10 used cars has a hidden problem. The vehicle history report can provide a member with the information needed to make a purchase with confidence or to walk away from a car and its potential problems.
CARFAX offers its retail customers a guarantee on its reports. Under the terms of the national agreement with AAA, CARFAX will offer members a guarantee that is $1000 greater in value than offered to any other retail customer.
More information about CARFAX, Inc. can be found on