Ford Fleet Vehicle Purchase – AAA Clubs

AAA and Ford have a strong, long standing relationship and commitment to offer programs which will benefit Clubs. However, due to the unprecedented effects of supply chain shortages, microchip and raw material issues on the automotive industry, we will no longer be able to offer an incentive/rebate program. Effectively immediately, rebates or off-invoice incentives will no longer be offered to service providers or clubs. Effective immediately, clubs can apply to become a Ford Pro Commercial Fleet customer in the Quarterly FIN Allocation program, which includes a new order bank management process. The new approach will allocate a default amount of available production to individual club FIN codes on a quarterly production basis. Commercial vehicle models will be phased-in and customers, dealers, and fleet management companies will be notified in advance as those order banks open.

Current Program

Program Details for 2023 Model Year

To participate in the Ford Allocation Program

Clubs must apply for and acquire their own Ford FIN (Fleet Identification Number) code. These FIN codes are to be used only by the club that it has been assigned to and and cannot be shared with other clubs or service providers.
*If your club has received its unique FIN code, please notify Ford National Account Manager, Craig Fetty, by emailing or by phone at 954-899-8664.*

  • To apply for a FIN, use one of the following:
    • Call 800-34FLEET (800-343-5338), select option #2
    • Go to – select “Sign In” in upper right corner of page, then follow directions along the right hand side of the page to apply for a new FIN code.
    • In either scenario, the FIN applicant will need to provide backup documentation reflecting company vehicle registration information (such as copies of registration or lease schedules) on either 5 current model year vehicles or 15 of any model year vehicles – any make is acceptable. More information is available online or contact the FIN call center by calling 800-343-5338 regarding acceptable forms of documentation.
  • For questions or assistance, clubs can contact AAA’s Ford representative, Craig Fetty at: or (954) 899-8664.
    • If allocation in excess of default allotment is requested, the Club should complete the Allocation Request spreadsheet and send to Craig Fetty. He will communicate once allocation has been approved, and provide the approved targets.
  • Once a FIN code is assigned, please work with a fleet ordering dealer to place an order for a vehicle. Clubs are encouraged to plan ahead and place orders as soon as the order bank window opens.
  • Key dates are updated every Friday on Ford's fleet website: Set up a user ID and password, then select “Distribution News Bulletin” from the Orders menu to get weekly updates of model order windows.
  • Combine with Santander Financing program for maximum savings and benefits
  • A Ford Allocation Program is available for service providers who meet the above vehicle registration requirements. Those program details can be found HERE

Benefits for Fleet Customers

  • Clubs that acquire their own FIN code will be eligible for the "56A" sales program that includes upgraded 5-year/100K miles gas powertrain warranties on F-Series, Transit, and Transit well as access to the suite of products and services offered by Ford Pro, such as:
    • Ford Pro Charging – Purchase Ford Pro Chargers directly from Ford Pro for electrified fleets.
    • Ford Pro Telematics – full suite of OEM quality data via monthly subscription telematics services – no hardware required as FPT utilizes our embedded modems
    • Ford Pro Fleet Management software - Fleet management tools designed to optimize a fleet vehicle’s utilization, maintenance, and management.
    • FINSimple – access to lines of credit through Ford Motor Credit
    • More info found at
  • Longer Ordering Window – A quarterly allocation model will allow our order banks to remain open for 4 ordering periods
  • No More Panic Ordering – Early ordering won’t secure early production. Ford Pro will no longer schedule orders based on order submission date (FIFO). This allows our customers to order when they are ready to order and precludes others from flooding our order banks early and often with rushed orders and orders that are not covered by a purchase order from the FIN code customer.
  • Improves Transparency and Flexibility by:
    • Managing impact of unexpected production disruptions in a more timely manner (within the quarter vs. end of the model year)
    • Accepting fleet customer orders one quarter at a time with predictable quarterly volume expectations
    • Enhancing fleet customer satisfaction with better visibility of orders in our system and shorter order-to-build timing

Allocation Program Information

  • FIN allocation has been determined based on historical overall Association sales volumes
  • Clubs will get their quarterly allocation directly from their Ford National Account Manager
    Range of Allocation (minimum and maximum number)
    • Minimum amount in range will be targeted for production. If minimum amount is not scheduled, unscheduled orders submitted within the minimum FIN allocation will rollover to the next quarter and will be price protected based on the price level, in effect, at time of order receipt date
    • The orders that are rolled over will not count against the next quarter’s allocation for that FIN customer
    • Orders not scheduled above the minimum allocation range will not be rolled over and will be excised (removed) from the order bank at the end of the quarter
    • Excised orders will need to be re-submitted against the next quarter’s allocation and will not be price protected in the next quarter
    • Resubmitted orders will go thru the Ford Pro Order Verification Process
  • Ford Pro Order Verification Process - All orders, regardless of initial submission or resubmission, need to go thru the Ford Pro Order Verification Process
  • Order volume for any given quarter cannot exceed your allocation volume for the relevant quarter
  • If orders are submitted in excess of FIN allocation volume, no orders will be scheduled until excessive orders are removed from the unscheduled order bank.
  • Orders submitted in excess of FIN allocation volume:
    • Will not be considered for scheduling and will receive a “Material Hold-Quarterly Order Bank Closed” message.
    • Will not be rolled over or price protected and will be removed from the order bank if orders remain at the end of the quarter.
  • Orders received after final order due date for the quarter, and orders in excess of FIN allocation, will show status of “Material Hold-Quarterly Order Bank Closed”

For additional information about the AAA/ Ford Vehicle Purchase Program, contact Paul Jurado: (407) 444-8449.

2020-2022 Model Year Ford Purchases

If you ordered a qualifying 2020-2022 Model Year Ford models and are awaiting your delivery, please do the following upon receipt:

Submit your purchase for a $100 cash back rebate

For additional information about the AAA/ Ford Vehicle Purchase Program, contact Paul Jurado: (407) 444-8449.