AAA Auto Buying Program, Powered by TrueCar
Provide your members with a self-service auto buying from TrueCar!

AAA/TrueCar Program

TrueTrueCar provides an information and technology platform, that allows AAA members to access dealer inventory, current deals, and upfront pricing information in order to help them gain control of the auto buying process.

AAA Partnership
TrueCar powers private-labeled “AAA Auto Buying” programs for 15 clubs nationwide (~75% membership of participating clubs) to help educate members about the automotive market and any additional savings and incentives that may be available. A key feature of the AAA Auto Buying Program is the ability to cross-promote club revenue generating programs including Insurance, Auto Loans and Extended Warranty, while providing a unique member benefit.

How the AAA Auto Buying Program Works
TrueCar Certified Dealers competitively set the price of each piece of inventory. The AAA Auto Buying Program gives members the ability to see what other people paid for the new car they want, or if a used vehicle is priced above or below market. Once a member finds a vehicle, they can connect with local Certified Dealers who present upfront price offers – including incentives, fees and accessory costs, all before visiting the dealership. The Member then takes their price offer to the dealer to go for a test drive and when they are ready, can purchase a vehicle.

Benefits to the Club
Outside of being a great member-benefit, the club has the potential to generate revenue. Sales that occur from leads through the Auto Buying program can earn up to $100 per sale! In addition, there are opportunities to cross-sell with insurance and finance.

Quick Overview of TrueCar
TrueCar’s digital marketplace allows users to communicate with TrueCar Certified Dealers for a great car buying experience. For many people, buying a car can be a daunting task. TrueCar’s goal is to help users navigate through the car buying process with ease, and feel confident with their end-result.
To do this, TrueCar analyzes the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive information, and then makes it available and easy to understand for the consumer. The platform allows the user to search in-stock inventory, see what others paid for the same car, and lock-in an upfront price to take to the dealership.
While pricing information is essential, it’s not the only thing that matters when buying a car. TrueCar has partnered with a national network of more than 16,000 Certified Dealers (representing just under 20% of all franchised dealers) who share the belief that truth, transparency and fairness are the foundation of a great car buying experience.

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