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Network of Savings Labor Recruitment and Savings Summit
July 23, 2021

In continued effort to support AAA contractor viability, AAA Network of Savings hosted a Labor Recruitment Workshop on Friday, July 23rd. Thank you to those who were able to attend! If you missed it, you can watch the recording here.

Part 1:
'Get the Team on Board'
Labor Recruitment Workshop

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• How to write an effective employment ad.
• Best interview tactics.
• The importance of your online profile for recruiting.
• How to onboard new employees.
• Have the right pay plan.
• How to have a great business culture
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Part 2:
AAA Savings Summit

Groundbreaking Vehicle Transformation
Ford Motor Company
Helping your business grow and thrive
Zip's AW Direct
Commercial Equipment and Vehicle Finance
Santander Bank
AAA Savings on Quality Parts and Equipment
NAPA Auto Parts

Prizes Were Raffled Throughout Congratulations, Winners!
8 Week Hiring Apprenticeship, DRIVE (valued at $1,200) Nick Alongi
$500 Gift Card, AAA Network of Savings Tim Cassady
$100 Gift Cards, Santander Bank Rhonda Davis
$100 Gift Cards, Santander Bank Amanda Stegall
Zip's 8 Point Tie-Down with Chains Kit, Zip's AW Direct Mike Sobers
$150 Gift Card, NAPA Auto Parts
William Gaval


Summit Presenters

Summit Presenters

After the event, if you
Want More "Get the Team on Board"?
offers a 8 Week Hiring Apprenticeship for the AAA Netowork! Only $799 for the AAA Network.

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