By | 10/21/2021
HireRight Provides Updates on Legal Changes that Affect Employment Screenings
There are pending legal changes within the states of Michigan and California that will impact public access to date of birth (DOB) on court records. As verifying this information is a critical component of the screening process, HireRight is mindful that these changes will likely be extremely impactful to clubs, service providers and their candidates.In Michigan, starting January 1, 2022, new court rules will require clerks to:

  • Remove DOB from public indexes with no exception or special access for background screening providers.
  • Redact DOB from any court form they provide to researchers.

Additionally, a recent court decision in California has some courts, like LA County, already redacting DOB from their online records portals and in-court public terminals. Although there is a work-around process to obtain DOB, customers and candidates should expect longer turnaround times in impacted counties, as the public access index will be name only and we will need clerk assistance to confirm if a record matches a candidate.

HireRight may not be able to complete a search without all appropriate identifiers, such as DOB. Clubs directly affected by this ruling have been notified and alternative were provided. If you feel you will be affected by this ruling or a similar ruling, please reach out to HireRight and they will work on alternatives and solutions for you.

HireRight is our preferred partner for employment background checks and drug screenings. Clubs and service providers can be assured that the information HireRight provides on applicants and employee background checks has gone through an extensive verification process and strictly adheres to industry recognized standards. For additional information, contact the HireRight Customer Care Team at 866-895-1356 or email For any other questions, you can reach the AAA Account Representative, Paul Jurado, at or 407-444-8449

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