• Why are NAPA AUTO PARTS stores now offering the AAA-branded battery?

According to AAA’s research, more than 6.6 million AAA members prefer to do their own auto repair. These members are not likely to use the mobile battery replacement service or a repair shop. Without a retail channel, AAA cannot reach these members for battery replacement.

Through an agreement with existing partner NAPA, the AAA-branded battery will be available in 6,000 NAPA AUTO PARTS stores across the country. NAPA is replacing its Legend Premium auto battery with the AAA-branded battery. NAPA will position the AAA battery as its “best” option, along with existing NAPA “good” and “better” options.

This visibility also helps reinforce for consumers the quality of the AAA battery relative to other battery brands. Now more consumers will recognize the value of purchasing a AAA-branded battery. The majority of customers at NAPA AUTO PARTS stores and Approved Auto Repair facilities are non-members who would not be eligible for the mobile service.

  • What other options will be available to members?

NAPA will also supply AAA-branded batteries to AAA’s Approved Auto Repair facilities who decide to offer the AAA battery. This expands member options to include thousands of high-quality repair centers offering enhanced member benefits, including a 10% discount on labor.

  • Will prices be the same across all channels?

Each outlet offers a different level of service and different pricing.

NAPA will sell the AAA-branded battery to consumers for $199.99, regardless of group size. AAA members will receive a $22 discount on their battery purchase. Batteries are priced competitively with other auto parts retailers.

AAR facilities will purchase batteries from NAPA at a fixed, discounted wholesale price of $122.32 (before applicable discounts and rebates). AAR facilities will set their prices for installation based on market competition, and members will receive a minimum of 10% discount on labor.

The mobile battery service charges a different price for each battery group size. Pricing is benchmarked against the costs for repair service, and a member entitlement is included.

  • How will the mobile service interact with the repair and NAPA programs?

The expansion of the AAA-branded battery to AARs and NAPA stores brings important solutions to the mobile service that can improve member satisfaction. Now you have options for:

  • Jumpstart: Members who elect a jumpstart can now be referred to a participating AAR or NAPA AUTO PARTS store for a AAA-branded battery.
  • Inconclusive test: When members receive an inconclusive test, a participating AAR shop can be a solution for resolving the problem.
  • Warranty:All suppliers of the AAA-branded battery have agreed to honor the AAA warranty, regardless of where the battery was purchased. So, if a member purchases a battery through the mobile service but decides to visit an AAR for warranty issues, the warranty will be honored by NAPA.
  • Will my warranty rate be affected by warranties from consumers who purchased their battery at a different channel?

All suppliers of the AAA-branded battery have agreed to honor the warranty regardless of the point of purchase. This will ensure the best experience for AAA members and streamline warranty management for providers. In reality, most consumers return to their place of purchase for warranty issues, so you should not expect much warranty crossover from other channels.

  • How will the expansion of the AAA-branded battery affect my business?

The most important change you will see from this increased availability of the AAA-branded battery is expanded promotion. AAA will promote three channels of battery availability: the mobile battery service, participating Approved Auto Repair facilities, and NAPA AUTO PARTS stores. NAPA also will promote the AAA-branded battery. Combined, this promotion will contribute to growing member and consumer awareness of the quality and value of the AAA-branded battery.

Participating AAR facilities should also see increased business from members referred because they elected a jumpstart during a road service event, had an inconclusive battery test result, or need assistant with a potential warranty issue. These new customer experiences can translate to immediate repairs and long-term relationships.

It’s also important to note that NAPA will sell the AAA-branded battery to non-members as well as non-AAR and non-Auto Care customers. NAPA is selling the AAA-branded battery as part of their normal inventory; any NAPA customer purchasing a premium battery will get a AAA-branded battery. This increased visibility will contribute to the growing awareness of the quality and value of the AAA-branded battery among automotive batteries.

  • My Approved Auto Repair facility already participates in the AAA-branded battery program. What changes will I experience?

Effective immediately, NAPA AUTO PARTS stores will distribute the AAA-branded battery to AAR shops that choose to purchase batteries from NAPA. Your local NAPA store will work with you and your current battery supplier to transition your inventory. NAPA will stock AAA-branded product for:

  • The NAPA line-up features 24 part numbers covering 82% of vehicles in operation.
  • Flooded lead-acid batteries only — Absorbent glass mat (AGM) product is not available at this time.





Updated 7/11/2022