By | 11/08/2021

IAre you leveraging the brand that over 60 million AAA million members trust?

Increase your shop’s visibility and drive traffic to your bays with new AAR signage! These additional products include vinyl window and door decals, changeable counter mats, moveable standing metal signs, and interior "Welcome Members" wall signage with the AAA logo as a way to augment the existing signage that clubs provide the AAR shops.

To maximize savings and gauge interest, these products are only being offered via pooled order from AAA Automotive Preferred Supplier LSI. Pricing will be based on total orders combined (clubs and AARs). The larger the total among all orders combined, the better the price. Click here to see the tiered product pricing chart.

Group order quantity must meet factory minimums. Products that do not meet minimum required quantities will not be produced. Order will not be processed until the pre-order period ends and tiered pricing is determined. You will not be invoiced until product ships. Estimated ship date is February.

To pre-order the new decals and signage, click here to fill out the order form, save it and email it to Diana Cunningham at or fax it to (713) 744-5560 no later than November 10th, 2021.

For more information, please contact Patrick White at or (713) 744-5528 or Diana Cunningham at or (713) 744-4122.

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