COVID-19 and Beyond Playbook for AARs

Thriving in the new normal (Support for AARs) Panel Discussion Webinar took place on Jul 1, Watch the Recording

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Today is a new opportunity for your business to succeed!
AARs across the AAA footprint are facing the challenge of the new normal on the front lines, balancing the need to serve customers and repair their vehicles, while preserving business and protecting the health and safety of employees. As we navigate these unprecedented times, AAA Network of Savings preferred suppliers have pulled together best practices, resources and programs to help AARs capitalize on this new opportunity to succeed.

Resources will continue to be posted as they're made available. Please feel free to leave a comment below with your feedback. We are here to help!


Sorry We Missed You but You Can View This Webinar Recording

• Top AAR owners who will share how they've seen success and been able to thrive in 2020
• Select industry leading preferred suppliers (NAPA, DRIVE, Chevron, LSI, Cintas and Indentifix)
• Moderated by David Saline, Vice President of Client Success, DRIVE

Panelists discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that are keeping AARs up at night and how to address them, such as:
• Providing high-quality service in a low-touch environment
• Safety measures for putting customers at ease
• Marketing and communication actions that successful shops take



Here are some tools to help you continue to provide exceptional auto repairs and outstanding service for your customers:


NAPA Autotech provides automotive aftermarket technicians with career development opportunities through structured, disciplined, measurable, high-quality technical instruction. This instruction will enhance understanding of vehicle systems, increase first-time repair capability and increase AAA/CAA member satisfaction through the NAPA Autotech/AAA Training Site.


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