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Pop-A-Lock: Instant Service and Key Request

There has been a major uptick in the cost of key replacement services across virtually all vehicle makes, and major time delays through OEM channels to replace keys and restore drivability. Pop-A-Lock is offering a solution to this problem with their “Locksmith on Demand” service. This service allows AARs/CORs to instantly place an order for a replacement key for a member/customer to be delivered the same day, or scheduled for a later date. This service gives AARs/CORs the ability to keep customers in their shop and offer key replacements without purchasing expensive equipment, plus other great benefits:

  • US and Canada price versions available
  • Total price, including parts, service fees and labor always displayed
  • Seamless experience for the customer – AAR/COR collects payment, and Pop-A-Lock bills the shop monthly
  • Ability for AAR/COR to charge a markup from Pop-A-Lock quoted price – revenue generating opportunity
  • 100% automated system with built in help and support options
  • Built in tracking and reporting

This service is currently available in select markets only, with plans for national coverage this year. To find out if service is available in your area, or to schedule a demo, contact:

Rob Reynolds, Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Technologist –

Angel Walls-Dukes, Pop-A-Lock Account Support,


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For additional information, contact Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Technologist,

Rob Reynolds, or Pop-A-Lock Account Support, Angel Walls-Dukes, or Mayra Monge, (407) 444-7255.