By | 06/10/2020

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In order to succeed in 2020, you need to Ratchet Up Your Marketing.
– Cody Morelock, Owner Advanced Automotive, Redding, California
AAA Top Shop Award Winner

An effective Marketing Strategy includes multiple actions. Each element of a marketing plan works with one another seamlessly. Implementing just one action on its own will not provide the impact required to have a successful shop in 2020. Your Social Media approach needs to include numerous platforms. How many times a week you post on Facebook and Google My Business - possibly your most important social sites – plus the frequency of posting across all of your social sites. Tracking and managing your shop’s online reviews – plus keeping the details of your business information current across all sites. These are all key components of a successful Social Media plan.
A quality website is crucial because it’s the first impression you give potential customers. Your website needs to be branded for your shop. All content posted needs to be fully optimized for Google – after all, you want people to find you, right? And you’ll receive all the data that backs up these statements every month.
Did you know that Google ranks pages, not websites. The more pages you have, the more places you rank. This includes blogs that allow you the opportunity to have unique, keyword rich, specific content which gives your shop higher search ranking. All original content produced by DRIVE will include extensive keyword research so your shop gets in front of potential customers in your area.
Tried, true and VERY EFFECTIVE. One of the oldest forms of marketing still holds true as one of the most successful marketing actions to bring-in new customers. From Targeted Mail, to Saturation Mail to a program specifically designed for people that just moved into your business area – Postcards & Mailers have always proven to be a successful element of a shop’s marketing plan.
What’s the best way to turn new customers into repeat customers? An effective email marketing campaign. This has proven to be 90% more effective at bringing customers back into a shop than any other marketing action you can take. A great email strategy keeps your business top-of-mind with your customers and ensures they will return to your shop.
An innovative digital advertising campaign will get more customers into your shop – and fast. Fully optimized Google ads specifically produced to bring more calls into your business and Facebook ads to build your brand.
As a business owner, you’ll not only know how and where your marketing dollars are spent but if a particular campaign is effective. Did it bring in more business? Did it bring in more customers and did it bring back customers? Should you shift monies from one platform to another? With the proper Budget Planning you will know what actions to take.
Your shop’s Marketing Strategy needs to be right for you. Not a cookie-cutter solution. Your Marketing Strategy should address your specific needs – just for you, your vertical, your area and your competition. Without the correct strategy, your marketing will not be as cohesive and effective. After all, you want to spend your budget when and how it will increase vehicle count.
This is just an overview of a few of the most important elements of an effective Marketing Strategy for your business. If you’d like to learn more and receive a complete Marketing Analysis of your shop, just click on the banner below and a DRIVE Marketing expert will reach out. You can also click on the link below and take the Social Media quiz to find out if you’re implementing the correct actions right now!