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AAA Network Of Savings

AAA Network Of Savings

Network of industry-leading organizations offering exclusive benefits on products and services you use every day.

AAA ID for Active Service Providers

The AAA ID is a unique identifier assigned by AAA, Inc. to every new service provider added into the AAA, Inc. Automotive database. This is different from the Club ID, which is a number clubs assign suppliers. Your AAA ID is generated the month after you sign up with AAA.

These I.D.s are required for discounts with the following programs:

Your AAA ID is listed in monthly emails from the AAA Network of Savings. You can also contact your club rep for your AAA ID.

Clubs: You can download a list of active AAA IDs from Atlas in the Automotive/Network of Savings section in the Quick Links.

For questions please contact AAA Network of Savings at or (800) 592-5198