AAA Service Provider Application/Contact Request Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a AAA service provider!

AAA’s partnerships with quality independent service providers are critical to our success. If you would like to discuss how a AAA partnership can support your business, please fill out the Contact Request form below so that a AAA club field consultant in your area may contact you. You may also reach out to the AAA club in your area to inquire further. Please note:

  • Completion of the request form does not guarantee acceptance as an AAA Affiliated Service Provider.
  • Upon receipt of the completed request form, a representative from AAA will review the application, and will be in contact.
  • A AAA partnership will require a Certificate of Insurance with required limits, W-2, a field inspection, and service technician background verification.


AAA Service Provider Application/Contact Request Form

Prior to any contractual agreement with your local AAA club, you will need to provide a certificate of insurance (COI) listing the club as certificate holder and listed as additional insured on your General Liability coverage.

Description of Service Vehicles:

Please be able to provide the following information when you speak to a AAA representative in order to speed up the application process: Address of insurance carrier, name of insurance agent, and phone number of insurance agent. Please also be able to provide coverage amounts for the following (if applicable): Commercial garage/general liability, commercial auto liability, garage keepers, on hook/cargo (tow only providers), and workers compensation (where required)

If you have any questions please contact us at

Join the largest Network of Roadside Assistance Providers in North America!

AAA is a federation of affiliated motor clubs serving more than 58,000,000 members (or one in four households). In partnership with nearly 13,000 contract facilities, AAA is able to support an average of 29 million roadside assistance calls annually.

As a member of the largest network of roadside assistance providers in North America, AAA service providers enjoy:

  • High call volume
  • Reliable compensation structure
  • Local club support
  • Access to the AAA Service Provider Network of Savings, comprised of exclusive industry discounts and benefits on innovative products, tools, and support to help your company grow

Our partnerships with quality Independent Service Providers are critical to our success.

Roadside assistance is the number one reason our members join and renew with AAA. Working together, AAA and our Service Providers ensure members consistently receive World Class Service that gets them back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

  • We want to partner with qualified and knowledgeable service providers to deliver this experience to our Members when they need us most.
  • Our members compliment our service providers for their professional and courteous service, quick response time, and their experienced technicians who keep them safe.

You may also reach out to the AAA club in your area to inquire further.