Program Benefits

What are the benefits of offering the AAA-branded battery?

AAA has expanded availability of the AAA-branded battery beyond the mobile service to include Approved Auto Repair facilities and NAPA AUTO PARTS stores. Now members will have access to the AAA-branded battery in their channel of choice, and non-members will be exposed to the AAA battery through these new channels.

This is an exciting opportunity for Approved Auto Repair facilities to further strengthen their AAA affiliation and attract new business. Why should you consider offering the AAA-branded battery?


  • AAA will promote all three channels for the AAA-branded battery: mobile battery service, Approved Auto Repair facilities, and NAPA Auto Parts These services agree to an exceptional level of member care and special offers for members, such as the a minimum of 10% discount on labor. Each channel offers a different type of service, giving members choices that fit their needs.
  • NAPA will also promote the AAA-branded battery, bringing added visibility to your business.
  • In-store promotion as well as your ads featuring the AAA-branded battery can help attract customers who recognize the AAA brand.
  • You’ll receive a free, branded battery display rack to showcase the AAA battery to customers. The rack also serves as a charging station to keep batteries fully charged and ready to go.

New business

  • AAA will refer members to Approved Auto Repair facilities that carry the AAA-branded battery if the member has an inconclusive test or elects to have a jump-start rather than a battery replacement during a mobile service. This is a valuable new customer, giving you an opportunity to build a long-term relationship.
  • Recognition and trust of the AAA brand will appeal to customers confused by the many different auto batteries on the market. Consumers equate AAA with safety, security and peace of mind – and that will translate to battery sales.


  • The AAA-branded battery is designed by East Penn Manufacturing to meet or exceed automaker requirements.
  • Consumers trust the AAA brand, making it easier to demonstrate product value to customers.


  • Pricing is simple: AARs pay one discounted wholesale price, regardless of group size. Plus, participants in the NAPA Quality Parts Program qualify for significant rebates. Pricing is consistent with wholesale prices for premium batteries.
  • Inventory is refreshed every 90 days.
  • Warranty processing and inventory restocking are streamlined to keep you focused on customers and not paperwork.
  • Your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store stocks inventory that meets 85% of vehicles in operation.
  • As always, enjoy convenient delivery from your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store.

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