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GM and AAA have teamed up to curate a special program to offer you select current-model vehicles at discounted prices!

Program features:

  • Up to $3,500 off-invoice instant credit on select models on vehicle orders or out-of-stock (dealer lot inventory) purchasing from participating dealerships.
  • Special pricing for OnStar and accessories when placing your order.

Purchase Instructions:

-- Out-Of-Stock Purchasing is the only purchasing option for 2024 Models. Ordering windows for 2025 Models will begin mid-to-late June --

IMPORTANT: The Processing Code and Fleet Account Number (FAN) are both required on all order requests and delivery reporting data for vehicles specified as eligible for the program.

It is imperative that you provide both numbers to your dealer or leasing company PRIOR to placing an order.

  • Download the Purchase Packet* which contains a list of eligible models with off-invoice credit amounts, customer and dealership instructions, and program terms and conditions.
  • Locate a GM dealership participating in the Competitive Assistance Program (CAP) by visiting
    • Contact the dealership and verify it participates in CAP. If the dealership does not, please contact who will assist in locating a participating dealership.
  • Reference the Model and Invoice Credit Chart to identify eligible models and associated credits.
  • Please note different instructions for Ordering a vehicle vs Purchasing a vehicle from Out-Of-Stock (buying off the dealership lot). Out-Of-Stock requires an additional form and dealer instructions.

* To receive the Purchase Packet, please contact your AAA Club Field Representative, or email with the business name and address you have registered with your club for network verification.

Contact Us

Your AAA contact for GM is Paul Jurado: or (407) 444-8449