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SureCritic’s comprehensive customer feedback platform empowers businesses to take control of their online reputation by turning verified customers into brand advocates.

Automate review generation, boost marketing, sales, and exceed CSI compliance. Get featured on the AAA Shop Locator Portal. Gain access to reputation monitoring and management tools like our patented ReScore, allowing you to fix low-score reviews.

At SureCritic, we believe transparent feedback benefits everyone, and businesses can trust our verified reviews are from their actual customers. Whether you want to gather more insightful feedback, increase customer engagement, improve your online reputation or grow your business – SureCritic has the solutions that truly work.

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Since 2020, SureCritic has been AAA’s preferred supplier providing Approved Auto Repair facilities with a full-scale, customer experience management solution that streamlines the connection between business and customer. SureCritic has generated over 400,000 verified customer reviews for AAA’s Approved Auto Repair facilities, with a cumulative rating average of 4.86 stars.

CSI Compliance Made Easy

A full suite of products and services that integrate seamlessly into your business, proven to exceed AAA CSI requirements, increase revenue and drive customer pay loyalty.

  • Build your online reputation and increase SEO with a Premium Business Listing on
  • Convert low scoring reviews to 5 stars with SureCritic’s patented concern resolution tool, ReScore®
  • Resolve concerns in-store and prevent online shaming with In-Store Messaging tools
  • Increase your bottom line with more customer traffic
  • Seamlessly convert private survey to a public review for deeper insight into the customer experience from one interaction
  • Build stronger businesses with a suite of features like Reputation Monitoring, Premium Business Listings, and Employee Profiles
  • Reviews link to AAA Shop Locator Portal

Automated Verified Reviews: When a repair order is completed, a text or email is sent to the customer shortly after asking them to complete a survey or leave a review.

56% of vehicle owners will leave a review when asked

In-store Messaging: Let your customer’s text from their phone to your computer so you can identify and resolve customer concerns while they're still in-store, preventing a negative review or a lost customers.

74% of customers chose texting as their preferred method of communication.

ReScore®: When you receive a low score, we know you work hard to correct the mistake.

ReScore® allows you to ask a previously low-rated reviewer to re-review, after resolving their concern.

86% of customers will ReScore from a 1-star review to a 5-star review.

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“SureCritic has been a very useful tool to gather verified online reviews from our customers and improve our online reputation. The honest feedback it provides us with is invaluable and helps improve the customer’s experience. The dashboard is easy to navigate and provides all the information we need at a glance. I highly recommend SureCritic!” Cale T Tallman’s Tire and Auto Repair Centers

“My business has used SureCritic for years with amazing results. I do virtually no advertising as our web presence is huge thanks in part to our SureCritic reviews. Minimal time needed to respond to customer reviews as their dashboard is well designed. You will not be disappointed.” Paul L Auto Haus of Meredith

“SureCritic has been extremely helpful and informative with our automotive repair shop. The ease that our customers have when it comes to leaving reviews is impeccable. Whenever there is a problem either on their end or with us, or with our customers then they contact us immediately and do their best to resolve the issue. Our customers have the ease to leave us a review and even email us for an appointment.” John S.

“Our partnership with SureCritic has proven to be a key factor not only in helping our members choose a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility through verified customer reviews but also in helping those locations build and manage an honest online reputation; far exceeding AAA standards. For the club, the reporting tools and visibility have been instrumental. SureCritic empowers our members to make the right buying decision when choosing a AAA approved repair facility.” Joe Gabel, Director, Approved Auto Repair, AAA Northeast

“SureCritic’s Employee Profiles improve the entire AAA Approved Auto Repair facility service experience. AAA members can feel more confident with the shop staff before the service and when choosing a shop to service their vehicle, and the AAR facility can empower their staff to ensure a positive customer experience. It’s a win/win all around.” Victor DeLuca, Manager, Approved Auto Repair Network, AAA Northeast.

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For additional information, contact SureCritic Representative, Mark Clay, or AAA Senior Account Executive, Mayra Monge, (407) 444-7255.